As with any amateur sport, a lot of effort is crammed into a short, unpredictable season of unreliable weather.  Nothing comes from nothing–nothing ever does–and our dependence on help is endless.  Unlike charities that survive on money, lawn bowls depends on volunteers.

As private clubs, we make no money and can hire no staff–yet there are always friendly helpers who show up to host other members and manage setting up greens for the day’s competition.  They organize a draw, introduce newcomers, and circulate information about upcoming Manitoba events.

Some volunteers sacrifice their time to provide one-on-one training to visiting school students or beginners eager to join our several clubs.  It has been this way forever, and the only reward is the gratification of seeing yet another enlightened enthusiast emerge to enrich and promote our sport.

As members mature, their competitive nature peaks and some focus on simply encouraging newer and often younger players to reach their potential.  Thus it has always been in the social clubs, among like-minded companions.  No one loses: everyone gains; and we call it fellowship.  Thank you for your help!