Special Events and Rules

Bowls MB Thunder/Lightning Rule

For Everyone’s Information: June 2019
Bowls Canada has adopted a new thunder/lightning rule (adopted 2018, after all our Provincial competitions were completed) which states that 

competitors are to come off the field immediately at the first sound of thunder or sign of lightning, and remain off until 30 minutes after the last sound of thunder.  
Therefore, in compliance with the new rule (which has actually come down from Sport Canada), Bowls MB has decided to follow this procedure:
Provincial Competitions: Competitors will come off as stated above, (as directed by the umpire) and follow the directive to a maximum of a 45 minute game delay.  If the delay reaches 46 minutes, the games in progress shall be suspended and completed at the end of the Round Robin.  The umpire at the draw will handle this in accordance with the procedure in our Policy and Procedures manual.
All entrants into Provincial Competitions should be aware (as in certain events it could certainly extend the competition into the following week).
I would request that you inform all entries into your events of this change.  

Association Competitions:
Conveners have the authority to decide whether to complete the tournament – or not – but must follow the thunder/ lightning rule as stated above.
Thank you.
Betty Van Walleghem– Bowls MB Director of Competition


The event was held at two locations: Bowls Manitoba’s artificial green and Norwood LBC’s grass green nearby. Thirty teams of Fours played four shortened games on the day, with participants divided into four groups. Lunch was provided as part of the entry fee and the event was followed by a banquet of some 80 attendees at CANAD INNS, Fort Gary.

The PRESIDENT’S CUP was won by the team of John Bjornson, Jack Laferty, Randy Kenning & Angie Kenning. (Randy and Angie are non-bowlers!)

The ‘Ditch to Ditch’ throw was won by a non-bowler attendee named ‘Gloria’ – and the ‘Spider’ was won by Angie Kenning. Pictures displayed below include Dawn Pilcher Corporate Sales Manager of Canad Inns; Councillor and Deputy Mayor Markus Chambers; Gerry Chudrick, John Bjornson, and Bowls Manitoba President, Elaine Jones.

Making it a family affair, Erin VanWalleghem Dietrich and her daughter played with Bob & Betty VanWalleghem as a team. In another of the pictures, Donna Gobeil’s granddaughter, Emily Bewer is shown with Jerome Kirby; who teamed up with Ben Gobeil & Elaine Jones.

Dawn Pilcher, Elaine Jones, Deputy Mayor Markus Chambers & Gerry Chudrick
Markus Chambers, Elaine Jones, John Bjornson, & Dawn Pilcher
Attendees receiving instruction for the ‘Spider’
Gloria won $10 for winning the ‘Ditch to Ditch’ event
Gerry Chudrick & Angie Kenning
Gerry Chudrick & Dawn Pilcher
John Bjornson, Jack Laferty, Randy Kenning & Angie Kenning
Erin VanWalleghem & her daughter
Jerome Kirby assisting Emily Bewer
Over on Norwood’s green, the invitees prepare to bowl their ditch-to-ditch bowl for a prize.