Tuesday Evening Singles League

The Singles League is scheduled to start Tuesday May 10th at 1212 Dakota. Entry deadline is May 6th. Cost to enter per person is $25.00. Maximum number of players is twenty-four. Games start at 6:00 pm and 7:45 pm. Players should arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of their game. Players must be a current paid member of a Manitoba lawn bowling club. Manitoba Public Health orders in effect including Sports Manitoba and Bowls Manitoba Inc. requirements. Currently vaccination and masks are not required. Masks are optional.Please email Louise Jutras at rhlbc.1935@gmail.com or call 204-489-8385.

Previous winner Elaine

Thursday Evening 4’s League

2022 marks the return of the BMI Fours League. This league has been fertile ground for bowlers interested in team building and improving thier individual skills and abilities. As important, it is a weekly coming together for fun, laughter, and enjoyment of bowls. Try it……you’ll like it! The entry fee is unchanged @ $30/player, or $120/team. Most of that money will go toward cash prizes. The number of $$ winners and the prize values will be determined by the number of entries. A portion of the fees collected may be withheld to subsidize an end of league function. 1212 is the venue and the fun starts Thursday May 5th (if the snow goes away). We will play either a single or double round robin depending on the number of entries. Team names and team uniforms are encouraged. This league is for anyone who loves bowls. Please consider forming a team of your own. Anyone needing help making a team, or getting onto a team is encouraged to speak with Elaine or Jerome.

Previous winners Phil, Gerry V, Jerome and Brian

Friday Morning Pairs League

Pairs League starts Friday May 6th at 1212 Dakota.   Entry deadline is April 24th.  Cost to enter per person is $20.00.  Maximum number of teams is fourteen.  Must be even number of teams. Games start at 10:00 a.m. Players should arrive by 9:45 a.m. Players must be a current paid member of a lawn bowling club.  Team composition allows for one team member having played at the national level last five years.  This does not include a player who attended nationals as an alternate or “B” team participant last five years. Manitoba Public Health orders in effect including Sports Manitoba and Bowls Manitoba Inc. requirements.  Currently vaccination and masks are not required.  Masks are optional.

Please email Gerry Chudrick at chudrick@shaw.ca or call 204-298-6760.

Previous winners Ian and Richard

LR Singles Results & Final Standings

The Singles League season at Soul Sanctuary came to a close on April 11th.  Congratulations to our Singles winner Jerome Kirby with a perfect record of 9 and 0.  Well done!!!  This year our Singles League season was divided into two halves.  The first half was won by John Bjornson who also had a perfect record.  These two veterans of National and International experience were impressive and always willing to give less experienced players insights, tips and helpful advice. Thank you to all our Singles players for making yet another successful season.