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While neither the rainbow nor the flowers can be guaranteed year-round, Tuxedo LBC offers a fine set of greens.

2019 St James champs

Competing in Saskatoon in 2019, Wheat City‘s Tim Lane and Kathy Foley represented Manitoba at the Canadian Mixed Pairs.

Tim Lane 2019Kathy Foley 2019

2016 55+ Gold

After each of the annual InterClub games, held at a different club each week, there’s a get together for refreshments.  This one is from St John’s July 2019.2019 InterClub Wind-up at St Johns

Wheat City LBC in Brandon hosting the Association Triples in July of 2019

2019 Mixed Pairs Wheat City
Wheat City photo 2016              St. John’s holding an Association tournament:
2019 St Johns Club pics 3

2019 St Johns Club pics 1

2019 St Johns Club pics 2St. John’s celebrating 2019’s Canada Day

Juniors at St John's 2019

2019 Getting underway at St James LBC

2018 Events at Gimli LBC

Richard and Carol Miller from Norwood Club along with Elaine & Ian Thompson from Gimli win the Mixed Fours tournament held in Gimli on Sept 9/2018. They proudly hold the Guzunder Cup which is a chamber pot that ‘goes under’ the bed.

Mixed Fours players from Winnipeg and Gimli take to the greens Sept 19 at Gimli Club.

Orest, Elaine, & Vinney tie with Harvey T., Emily, and Rod to win the Marcel Cherlet tournament in July at Gimli Club.

Norm, Chris M., and Harvey T. win the Jerry Johnson memorial tournament in August at the Gimli Club.

Tuesday night league winners at the Gimli Club for 2018 were Marcel, Vince, Jim Craig (95 years young), and Ian.

Jerry J. wins the award for the most points scored at Gimli Club’s Thursday night pick-up games.

2018 Nationals at St.James LBC

InterClub – at Sargent Park, July 2018

Norwood’s 90th Anniversary July 2018

From 1927 to 1989 we operated in Old Norwood. In 1992 we relocated to Dakota Park where we remain today.  We hire our own greenskeeper and with the help of some dedicated volunteers are able to keep our green in good shape.  Currently we have 89 members.

InterClub – at St. John’s – July 2018

InterClub – at Norwood – July 2018

Canada Day – at Tuxedo Club – July 2018

InterClub – at St James – June 2018

Pictures courtesy of Sandra Mulholland

Elaine Thompson of Gimli LBC sent me these two pictures from 2018 revealing the team that had a perfect end (or perfect ends):

Namely: Mike Devlin, Trenna Kanski, Harvey Turbovsky & Ken Duthie.
She also sent me these 10 pictures:  from 2017
Summer Games Tournament;                              Bob, Carol, Elaine, & Vince.

Marcel, Emily, Carol & Garth;                      Rick, Carol, Elaine & Ian (3rd Place, Mixed Fours)

Mixed Fours Tournament 2017;    Winners of Guzunder Cup: Gary, Beverley, Calvin & May

Mixed Fours Tournament 2017;                             City Mice & Country Mice

Jim, Lina, Vince & Chris win Tues Night League;  Norm wins Thursday night pick-up

And, thanks to Brant Fenske, the following is a selection of some of his 2014 pictures:

At the 2014 Cdn Championships in Winnipeg, the Manitoba ladies and the table of trophies.

2014 Assembly of Provinces for Championships in Winnipeg

Elaine Jones shared these pictures from 2017 and earlier:

At Wheat City LBC in 2017, Bob & Betty Van Walleghem, the Reiss’s, Elaine Jones, Jerome Kirby, Sandra & Ed Mulholland, Chris Moore & Rod Rose, Kathy & Kevin Foley
At 1212 Dakota:  Al Thompson, Bill Bundy, Marilyn Baron, Gord Law, Clarice Fitzpatrick, Marlene Cleutinx, Elaine Jones, & Flo Sims – from a few years back.

Gateway Indoor Bowls

Two pictures taken recently.  The group just before the first end of play.

The second picture shows Binh Ho and David (blind bowlers from Sargent Park) with a Guide Dog.  The previous year, they came in first & second at the Blind Bowls national event held at Sargent Park LBC.

And these two pictures are from Tommy Prince Indoor Bowls.

Brant Fenske supplied a couple of anxious moments at the Artificial Green

A 2007 picture from Norwood’s 80th Anniversary

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