Hall Rental Details

Our modern, air-conditioned clubhouse at 1212 Dakota Street accommodates 90 to 100 people and has been used for all types of gatherings: birthday parties, bridal showers, weddings and wedding receptions, anniversaries, family reunions, family dinners, retirement parties, club and sorority meetings, church services, and other celebrations or social functions.

Pictured here are a formal and casual indoor set-up, blinds closed or open. The MLCC has approved the building for Occasional Permits; and a major advantage over many other rental halls is that you can choose your own caterer. We can recommend one should you so wish. Included in your rental is use of the up-to-date kitchen and bar, plus enough tables, chairs, glassware, dishes and cutlery to serve a capacity crowd.

If the exterior carpeted lawn-bowling green is also appropriate to your needs, might we suggest you consider holding a company or family lawn bowling tournament. Bowling equipment is available for up to 48 bowlers.

Many of the regular bowlers pictured here are from the neighbouring bowling club. They are frequent guests for tournaments and would enjoy providing some basic tutoring in bowls delivery and rules. The artificial green surface is an outdoor carpeted surface so we need for you to ensure users of it wear flat, smooth-soled shoes.

Artificial Green Dakota aerialArtificial Green Dakota

Our rental rates are very AFFORDABLE and you will note that we share a large parking lot with the Dakota Community Centre/Jonathan Toews Sportsplex.

Should you be interested in renting our clubhouse or artificial green (or both), contact the facilities manager, Barb Heinrichs, at (204) 254-4555

Please leave a message if there is no immediate answer.