Indoor Bowls

Indoor bowls will resume this week after a holiday break. League play continues at Linden Ridge and casual bowls @ at Tommy Prince and Gateway Recreation centers. Naturaly the idea of playing indoors gives rise to health concerns. Omicron is a critical health and societal issue right now and must be given max consideration. Thinking about bowling but not sure? Consider that bowls are being played in two gymnasiums and one full-size hockey rink. Tommy Prince for example has a max. capacity of 595 people – maybe 12 bowlers show up. It has 40 ft high ceilings and excellent ventilation. There’s tons of space and players have been masking 100% of the time.

Gateway is quite similar: massive space, few people on the green, and bowlers masked. The following can help you decide what is best for you: all bowlers are fully vax’d, all greens are in huge open spaces, have industrial strength ventilation, room to physically – distance, have hand sanitizers available, facilities policed re: vax status of all entrants, and mask mandates are in place.

This post is not to encourage people to take risks by going to bowl, not at all. It is to inform those who may wish to bowl of the circumstances and health considerations in place at this time. Please, please, please be wise – err on the side of good health.