Linden Ridge Leagues

Singles League Results

Congratulations to Jerome Kirby in capturing the “A” side singles title. A perfect record no less. John Bjornson finished second and Donna Gobeil finished third in a head to head tie break with Ben Goebel. Congratulations to Barb Heinrichs on winning the “B” side. Harold Forsyth finished second in a head to head tie break with Rick Nobess. A total of sixteen players competed this year in the Singles League.  

Triples League Results

Congratulations to David Kerr, Donna Gobeil and Diane MacIver on finishing first in the Triples League. The team of Jerome Kirby, Mardal Flynn and Elaine Jones finished a strong second despite getting together in the latter part of the season.  Gerry Chudrick, Harold Forsyth and Rick Nobess finished third. A total of eight teams competed this season in the Triples League.

Although it was a shortened season this year due to Covid-19 it was great to be able to get out and bowl. Games were competitive and it was a great experience for everyone to play on a world class surface where controlling your weight and consistently finding the right line was challenging and a must to get the right shot. Special thanks to Gerry Chudrick and his dedicated crew for thier hard work and exceptional leadership in bringing these opportunities to us. Bravo!