Three Bowl Pairs League (Filled)

The Three Bowl Pairs league is now accepting enties for the 2021 season. COVID considerations are a must, and as such players will be required to follow the guidelines for social distancing set out by the Province of Manitoba. 

Event:  The Three Bowl Pairs League

Venue:  Norwood/1212 Dakota  

Entry Deadline Date:  Midnight Sunday April 2nd, 2021 

Entry Fee:  $20/bowler 

League Start Date: Friday May 7, 2021 – Games start at 10:00 a.m.

Point of Contact: Gerry Chudrick  

The maximum number of accepted teams is eighteen. This is an increase from last year’s fourteen teams.  We are able to expand the number of teams as we received approval to use Norwood’s greens in addition to using 1212 Dakota. There are no byes so only an even number of teams will be accepted.