Linden Ridge Lawn Bowls Club Incorporated

You’d be forgiven if you thought an entity with Inc. in thier name was a multi-national corporation. Not simply the domain of big biz, incorporation has come to Linden Ridge Bowls Club. LRBC Inc. has exceptional leadership and a bright future. Gerry Moore is one of those leaders. Below is his telling of the incorporation and what it means.

LRBC has been up and running for a couple of years; I’ll rephrase that and say that we did manage to get one full year of bowling in until the scourge of Covid took our bowls away. We are a small indoor club with no place to call our own. We rent space at Soul Sanctuary, a multi-purpose complex that agreed to accommodate us in their gym on Mondays and Wednesdays. We set our membership fees as low as possible to ensure that they would at least meet our monthly rental costs. In order to keep fees as low as possible we borrowed mats and jacks to get up and rolling. Close to the end of 2020 we decided to find a way to secure funds to support other bowling related purposes such as equipment purchases without increasing membership fees. To obtain funds through grant applications we needed to meet one of the key requirements to make us eligible for grants; we needed to incorporate as a Not for Profit. The blunt fact is that most granting agencies will not consider applications for grants unless the organization is registered as a Not For Profit corporation.

We decided that we would take the necessary steps to do just that. The first step was to register our club’s name with the Companies Office. The name submitted was Linden Ridge Lawn Bowling Club Inc. The purpose of this submission is to ensure that no other organization has that name registered to it. We received confirmation that our name as being accepted. Once the name was approved, the next step was to file an Articles of Incorporation document. That document is currently being processed at the Companies Office. We anticipate a response this January provided there are no difficulties with the application.