2018 Results

Women’s Fours (@ Norwood LBC) – June 15-17
Sandra Mulholland, Betty Grundy, Elaine Jones, & Betty Van Walleghem (Skip)

Men’s Pairs (@ Norwood LBC) – June 15-17
John Bjornson  & Bob Van Walleghem (Skip)

Women’s Singles (@ Dakota green) – June 22-24
Winner:  Shirley Fitzpatrick Wong

with Runner-up:
Betty Van Walleghem

Men’s Fours (@ Brandon LBC) – June 22-24

Winners:  Jerome Kirby (skip), Brian Kullman, Gerry Venderbos, Phil Clark

Non-Carded Open Pairs (@ St John’s LBC) – June 22-26

Winners:  Linda Ames & George Ames of Tuxedo LBC

Also: Brenda Wachal & Doreen Lloyd of St. John’s scored an 8-ender!

Then on August 8, at Norwood LBC, another 8-ender was won by another Brenda and Donna:  pictured here with their Certificates…

Brenda Frank & Donna Gobeil – 8 ender Aug 8/2018

Men’s Indoor Singles (@ Dakota green) –  June 29-July 1

Winner:  Brian Kullman
Runner-Up:  John Bjornson

Women’s Indoor Singles (@ Dakota green) – June 29-July 1
Winner:  Betty Van Walleghem

Women’s Pairs (@ Tuxedo LBC) – July 6-8

Winners:  Clarice Fitzpatrick (skip) & Marilyn Baron

Men’s Singles (@ Tuxedo LBC) – July 6-8Winner:  Jerome Kirby
Runner-Up: Bob Van Walleghem

Prov Juniors’ (@ St James LBC) – July 13-15
Winner Under 18 Junior Boys:  Jacob Braun

Winner Under 14 Junior Girls:  Maya Pogson

Mixed Pairs (@ Tuxedo LBC) – July 20-22
Winners:  Ed Mulholland (Skip) & Brenda Frank

Prov Senior Triples (@ Norwood LBC) – July 27-29

Winners:  Women’s Draw: Jean Roeland (Skip), Emilie Ammazzini & Anne Wright

Winners:  Men’s Draw:  Rick Knockeart, Gord Horton (skip), Gerry Chudrick

Prov Team Send-Off (@ Dakota Hall) – Aug 1

Open Senior Fours (@ St. John’s LBC) – Aug 8

Winners:  Roger Maruschak, Joy Batchelor, Russell Czypinski, & Pat Gomes

Tom Moore Open Pairs (@ Tuxedo LBC) – Aug 10-12

Winners:  Tanice Goodchild & Joan Rasmussen 

Assoc Open Pairs (@ Tuxedo LBC) – Aug 10-12
Winners:  Sylvia Erickson & Elaine Jones

Assoc Mixed Fours (@ Gimli LBC) – Sept 9

Winners:  Richard & Carol Miller (Norwood) with Elaine & Ian Thompson (Gimli); shown here with the Guzunder Cup.


Throughout the year, players submit to our Secretary their accomplishments of a perfect end played, whether in a local club event or in competition play; and sometimes a photo is taken and submitted to the webmaster for publishing.  At the end of the bowling season, the full list of such accomplishments is published within the Club Communique.  These were from 2018:

Gimli:  Mike Devlin, Ken Duthie, Harvey Turbovsky & Trenna Kanski – in June;
St.John’s:  Brenda Wachal & Doreen Lloyd – in June;
St.John’s:  Fred Matthews & Vonnie Farmer – in July;
Norwood:  Brenda Frank & Donna Gobeil – in July;
Tuxedo:  Joanne Liberty & Gerry Chudrick – in August;
Tuxedo:  Joan Rasmussen & Tanice Goodchild – in August;
Regina, SK:  Clarice Fitzpatrick & Marilyn Baron – in August;
St.John’s:  Ben Hochman & Donna Maruschak – in September.


(First the Summary of Results, then the Photos & comments)

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2018 Nationals

The Manitoba contestants ready for battle at Nationals.

August 14-18          St. James LBC          Youth Championships

Norwood’s Rob Law earned the Silver medal in the Under 25 Men’s event at St. James LBC.  In the Youth Championships, Rob went through his division unbeaten in the Round Robin.  In the Semi-Final, he beat Brandon Watson (SK) 21-19.  Meanwhile, in that same Semi-Final, Owen Kirby (ON) (Jerome Kirby’s nephew) beat Braeden Campbell (NS) 21-14.  In the final, Saturday, Rob Law lost to Owen, gaining the Silver.

As well, in the Forster-Lang Pairs tournament, Rob Law was partnered with Owen Twamley (BC) and they came in fourth.  Overall an excellent week, Rob!

August 22-26                Regina, SK                 Majors

In 2018 at the Championships, it seemed that Western Canada had a lot to celebrate:  BC won a Gold; Alberta won two Gold and a Silver; Saskatchewan took two Silver and a Bronze; and Manitoba brings home three Bronze:

In Regina, our Women’s Pairs team of Marilyn Baron & Clarice Fitzpatrick ended the Round Robin in third place, and were obliged to play Nova Scotia once more.  They are bringing home a pair of Bronze medals.

In Men’s Fours, Jerome Kirby took his team of Phil Clark, Gerry Venderbos & Brian Kullman to third place, similarly beating BC’s B team a second time to retain their Bronze medals.

In Men’s Pairs, John Bjornson & Bob Van Walleghem finished the Round Robin in fifth place.  However, they won in the tie-breaking rounds against BC and climbed back up to third place–and they too will be bringing home two more Bronze medals.

Out of five teams who travelled to Regina this year for Nationals, our two Women’s Fours teams experienced some bad breaks and didn’t qualify for the final round.  However, Betty watched her husband, Shirley watched her mum, and Joanne watched her hubby as they each won Bronze.

In case you missed it, the Women’s Singles in Regina was an all-Manitoba Final!!  While Shirley Fitzpatrick-Wong lost just one of her five Round Robin matches (13-21 to Trisha Bucknall of ON), she played Betty Van Walleghem in the Finals and won GOLD.

Betty Van Walleghem also lost just one of her Round Robin matches (14-21 to Harriette Pituley of SK); but faced Shirley in the Final and came in second for the SILVER medal.  The BRONZE went to Cathy Larking (ON).

On the Men’s side our entrants, Bob Van Walleghem and Jerome Kirby drew serious opposition and didn’t qualify for the Final.  At least they didn’t have to face off against each other!

The Champion of Champions 2019 contestants will be in Australia, and Canada will be represented by Shirley Fitzpatrick Wong and by Earl Luk of BC.  Also, the Cy English award went to the Saskatchewan A men’s team; and the Lady Alexander award went to the Alberta A women’s team.

Brenda Frank & Ed Mulholland won the last two Round Robin matches to qualify for the medals round, where they beat NB for the Bronze Medal in the Mixed Pairs in Qualicum, BC

Karen Evans and Brent Jansen from Oak Bay LBC in BC took the Gold Medal; and Shannon Roden & Keith Wylie of Commonwealth LBC of Alberta took the Silver Medal.

Jean Roland, Emilie Ammazzini, and Anne Wright won their last three Round Robin matches in the Women’s Seniors in Calgary; but lost their match in the Medals Round to Alberta–who took the Bronze Medal.  Alberta B took the Gold Medal and BC took the Silver.

Oct. 22-27                PIBC (BC)                   Indoor Singles

Results:  John Bjornson had an excellent run but was edged out of the Bronze in the Medals Round by another JB (John Braun of BC).  In fact, BC won all of this year’s singles medals–both men’s and women’s.


Representing Canada at the Champion of Champions in Sydney, Australia, in October will be Jerome Kirby.

Representing Canada at the North American Challenge at Laguna Hills, California will be Shirley Fitzpatrick Wong, Rob Law, Betty Van Walleghem, and John Bjornson.

Screen shot 2018 flyers

Congratulations medal winners!  Our first year in the double-digits (13).